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After we made the Jubilee archives

Brendan Jackson talks about the finale of the Jubilee Archives programme and the structure of Laundry.

Episode 031     January 26, 2024
Contributors    Brendan Jackson     |   Owen Kelly    

On September 23, 2022, we put out episode 20 of Common Practice, in which we talked with Beverley Harvey and Brendan Jackson about the creation of the online Jubilee Archives. Later, in episode 27, we talked with Steve Trow, one of the founders of Jubilee, about the importance of cultural capital.

In this episode we conclude these discussions with a conversation with Brendan Jackson, triggered by the official finale of the Jubilee Archives programme. We ask what the project has achieved, and what Brendan sees as its future now that the construction phase has finished.

We also return to the question of Laundry Line, the community and social arts collective that might serve as a very useful model for other groups needing a formal structure in order to apply for funds.