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Our Cultural Capital: West Midlands & Bulgaria

Owen Kelly talks with Steve Trow and Chris Baldwin about the idea of cultural capital, and the issues it raises in the West Midlands and in Blugaria.

Episode 27     September 22, 2023
Contributors    Chris Baldwin     |   Owen Kelly     |   Steve Trow    

This episode took several turns for the unexpected and veered wildly off piste in ways that turned out to make for a very interesting discussion. We begin with Chris Baldwin mysteriously missing in action, as Owen Kelly and Steve Trow discuss the ways in which the distribution of lottery funding has led to poorer areas effectively donating money for cultural provision in much richer areas.

As Steve reaches his conclusions Chris Baldwin arrives from somewhere in Bulgaria and somehow brings the recording crashing to a halt. Once we have reconnected we discover exactly what has delayed Chris, and go on to discuss what we might learn from it in terms of community, solidarity and the climate crisis.