Theatre in place of war
May 17, 2024
PART OF THE A Culture of Possibility SERIES

Arlene Goldbard & Fran├žois Matarasso talk to James Thompson, founder In Place of War.

May 10, 2024 | Boo 007 | Changing the Resonance

Practitioner and researcher Sylvan Baker examines listening within applied theatre practices.


May 3, 2024 | Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse 073 | Mind Like Water

Owen Kelly explains about Todoist, why you might host your own calendars, and how these relate to positive laziness and doing nothing.


April 26, 2024 | Common Practice 034 | The Village Hub in Plymouth

Sophie Hope talks to Karen Pilkington about the origins of the Village Hub project in Plymouth, and what it has gone on to achieve.


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