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Global Staffroom

Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards started Manual Labours in 2013 as a research project exploring our physical and emotional relationships to work. The Global Staffroom grew out of this, and Owen Kelly talks to them about it.








The Gamestop Furore

Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly experience the post-truth society and talk about the ongoing Gamestop furore.




Ferment Radio

Agnieszka Pokrywka has a long-standing interest in fermentation and we talk to her about Ferment Lab in Helsinki, and its spin-off Ferment Radio.




A Culture of Possibility

Hosted by Arlene Goldbard and Francois Matarasso, this monthly podcast explores people, projects, and topics that expand possibility and choice through cultural work.




Genuine Inquiry: Money & Democracy

In the first episode of Genuine Inquiry, our new monthly audio essay, Sophie Hope examines the relationship between money, culture and democracy.




A New Hope

Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse returns from a four month siesta with renewed vigour, a review of the past twelve months, and a clearer set of long term objectives, which include creating a community and releasing a podcast every week during 2021.




Now we are fifty

With this episode Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse reaches its fiftieth episode, and its final episode in its current form. Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly look back at what started them on this journey, and their plans for the future.

These involve splitting the twice-monthly podcast into three, and (before the end of this year) four separate but linked weekly podcasts, while expanding the website into a community forum.




Noises from the Commons

In Episode 40 we looked at a variety of pop, rock and folk music licensed through a Creative Commons licence, or made freely available.

In this episode we look at four other, quite different, musics made available in this way.

Karine Gilanyan plays the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata number 15 in D Major. Jahzzar plays the self-composed Fibonacci from his album kontra-punkte. Bob Ostertag performs Arms and Legs. Julie Licata presents her work resound.