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Folk is a Feminist Issue

Arlene Goldbard and Francois Matarasso talk with Lucy Wright, a visual artist, artistic researcher, writer, and contemporary folk artist.






Solidarity Not Charity

Owen Kelly and Sophie Hope discuss Solidarity Not Charity, by Nati Linares and Caroline Woolard. As so often, this leads to a wider discussion.




Ho Ho Ho

Owen Kelly looks at common practices that occur in Christmas celebrations while Vera Vestmann Kristjánsdóttir explains the very different practices in Iceland.




Year One: A Reflection

Co-host François Matarasso returns to talk with Arlene Goldbard about the first year of A Culture of Possibility.




What went wrong with copyright?

Copyright from the invention of printing in 1476 to the creation of the Berne Convention in 1886, and where it all went wrong.




Digital innovations in community radio

Jo Coleman talks with Sophie Hope about her new book “Digital Innovations and the Production of Local Content in Community Radio: Changing Practices in the UK”.




Play that fungi music!

Owen Kelly introduces the first anniversary episode of Ferment Radio, featuring Tosca Terán, and discusses it with Agnieszka Pokrywka.




Socially Engaged Performance, 1965–2020

Jan Cohen-Cruz and Rad Pereira have curated stories from over 75 interviews and informal exchanges that offer insight into the field of Socially Engaged Performance in the United States over the past 55 years.