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About Story: Ups and Downs of Story-Based Work

In the seventh episode of A Culture of Possibility, Arlene Goldbard and François Matarasso talk about the explosion of story-based work in community and participatory arts and what it all means.




Guild Socialism Revisited

Owen Kelly and Sophie Hope discuss G.D.H. Cole’s book Guild Socialism Restated and inquire into the relevance guild socialism might have for debates about cultural democracy today.








The Be Part Mystery

Owen Kelly talks to Sophie Hope and Henry Mulhall. He wants to know what the Be Part project aims to do, and how Sophie and Henry intend to carry out their evaluation of it.




Icelandic cultural practices

Owen Kelly talks with Hafdís Björg Hjálmarsdóttir and Vera K Vestmann Kristjánsdóttir from the School of Business and Science at the University of Akureyri, a city of 20,000 people in the north of Iceland, about the reasons for the Icelandic investment in culture, and the participatory nature of cultural activities there.




Cultural Organizing in West Baltimore

In the fifth episode of A Culture of Possibility, Arlene Goldbard and Francois Matarasso interview Denise Griffin Johnson, a cultural organizer in West Baltimore on the east coast of the U.S. She talks about racial justice, building on community strengths instead of deficits, the “highway to nowhere” and more.




Electric McLuhan

This episode continues a trilogy of audio essays concerned with the work of Marshall McLuhan and its continuing relevance in the digital age. In this episode Owen Kelly looks at what McLuhan means by “the electric age”.




Participation & Democracy

In this episode Owen Kelly sits back while Sophie Hope explains some of her thoughts on participation and democracy.




Historical Soundscapes

Listen to the very first sound recordings ever made and ask how they turned into public radio. Then find out what all this has to do with cultural democracy.