What about the Faro Convention?

Ed Carroll discusses the Faro Convention, the role of a “framework convention”, and the work of the Faro Convention Network.

Episode 030     September 8, 2023
Contributors    Ed Carroll     |   Owen Kelly    

We spoke with Ed Carroll and Vita Gelūnienė in April, as part of the series of ICAF specials, when we discussed The Cabbage Field, a community opera developed by Zemuju Sanciu Bendruomene in Kaunas in Lithuania. While attending ICAF we discovered that Ed knew a lot more than we did about the internal workings of the Faro Convention, and we asked him to explain it to us.

In this episode Ed does just that. The Convention “is based on the idea that knowledge and use of heritage form part of the citizen’s right to participate in cultural life as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Article 1 of the convention states that “rights relating to cultural heritage are inherent in the right to participate in cultural life.” Article 4 states that “everyone…has the right to benefit from the cultural heritage and to contribute towards its enrichment.”

The convention itself acts as a “framework convention” and a kind of lodestar for FCN, the Faro Convention Network, which guides the work and offers “extensive knowledge, expertise and tools, within a framework for constructive dialogue and cooperation”.