The Roles of the Rapporteur

Will Weigler, community-engaged theatre maker, writer and storyteller, discusses his role as official rapporteur for the ICAF Festival.

Episode 08     August 25, 2023
Contributors    Owen Kelly     |   Will Weigler    

Concluding the special Miaaw at ICAF series, Owen Kelly talks with Will Weigler, a community-engaged theatre maker, writer and storyteller based in Vancouver Canada.

In 2017, his book, The Alchemy of Astonishment, won the American Alliance for Theatre & Education’s Distinguished Book Award for outstanding contribution to the field. The New York City Department of Education adopted The Alchemy of Astonishment, and distributed decks of the staging strategy cards and books to K-12 theatre teachers in all five boroughs of the city.

Will Weigler acted as the official rapporteur for the ICAF Festival and we met him several times while we roamed around Rotterdam. In this conversation he talks about the nature of that role, the purpose of having a rapporteur at an event like ICAF, and the possibilities he sees for further developing the role at future gatherings.