PETA: 1967 to now and beyond!

Maribel Legarda & Beng Cabangon of the Philippines Educational Theater Association, founded in 1967, talk about PETA’s creative strategies.

Episode 031     August 18, 2023
Contributors    Beng Cabangon     |   Arlene Goldbard     |   Maribel Legarda     |   François Matarasso    

On Culture of Possibility podcast #31, François Matarasso and Arlene Goldbard talk with Maribel Legarda, artistic director, and Beng Cabangon, executive director of the Philippines Educational Theater Association, PETA, founded in 1967!

PETA is an amazing amalgam of in-person performance, streaming, workshops, and festivals, led by a large group of artist-teachers, many of whom began as teenagers. We talk about PETA’s creative strategies to navigate massive political changes, the pandemic, and radical shifts in the support environment.

You will want to know more about this inspiring, resilient, community-based group.