Issue 11 | August 2023

Welcome to the AUGUST edition of The Miaaw Monthly which tells you what to expect this month, and provides a few pointers to things you might like to explore.

This month we have the summer newsletter, produced while everyone is finishing or starting their summer holidays, depending on where in the northern hemisphere they are. The summer newsletter is slightly late and slightly shorter than normal because at least some of us have had little or no internet access for most of the last month.

Here, then is a list of what you can expect on Miaaw from today until the end of August.

Next month’s newsletter will return to its usually verbose form and will contain a bumper crop of additional information as well as a slightly improved format.


The final podcast for July arrives today and continues our special series inspired by things we saw and heard at the ICAF festival in Rotterdam in the Spring.

We had advertised this as an interview with Sruti Bala but unfortunately summer timetabling difficulties mixed themselves into a blend of technical issues and we have had to postpone this. Instead Owen Kelly talks to Kim Wide, founder of Take A Part in Plymouth UK about her journey, the work of Take A Part, the reasons they wanted to attend ICAF, and the somewhat surprising results of their attendance.


Every Friday a podcast appears at 12:34 UTC. Sometimes we get so eager that they appear an hour or two early to allow for any lag across the internet. Mostly they arrive on time. With that in mind, here are the podcasts that will drop in August.

Friday August 4: Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse | Episode 64

Sophie Hope talks with fellow participants of the Rural School of Economics Summer Camp organised by Myvillages (Kathrin Böhm and Wapke Feenstra) and the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) in Lumsden/Aberdeenshire, the home of SSW. They talk about what they got up to and some of the questions that came up during their stay in rural Aberdeenshire, exploring reflections and suggestions on the question of “Who has the Energy”, the question set for the summer camp to explore the material and immaterial energies that support cultural work.

Friday August 11: The Abandoned Bookself | Episode 18

Owen Kelly returns to Ivan Illich’s seminal book Tools for Conviviality and asks how well the arguments hold up in an age of social media and cultural conflict.

Friday August 18: A Culture of Possibility | Episode 31

François Matarasso and Arlene Goldbard talk with Maribel Legarda, artistic director, and Beng Cabangon, executive director of the Philippines Educational Theater Association, PETA, founded in 1967! PETA is an amazing amalgam of in-person performance, streaming, workshops, and festivals, led by a large group of artist-teachers, many of whom began as teenagers. We talk about PETA’s creative strategies to navigate massive political changes, the pandemic, and radical shifts in the support environment. You will want to know more about this inspiring, resilient, community-based group.

Friday August 25: Miaaw at ICAF | Episode 08

In the final episode of this series of specials from ICAF Owen Kelly talks with Will Weigler, the official blogger and raconteur for the festival about what drew him to Rotterdam from Ontario, his experiences of the festival, and the nature of his role there.


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