Issue 10 | July 2023

ISSUE 10 | JULY 2023

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The final podcast for June arrives today and continues our special series inspired by things we saw and heard at the ICAF festival in Rotterdam in the Spring.

In this episode Sophie Hope talks to Koh Hui Ling and Han Xuemei, co-artistic directors of the socially-engaged theatre company Drama Box in Singapore.


Every Friday a podcast appears at 12:34 UTC. Sometimes we get so eager that they appear an hour or two early to allow for any lag across the internet. Mostly they arrive on time. With that in mind, here are the podcasts that will drop in July.

Friday July 7: Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse | Episode 63

Sophie Hope talks to Annette Burghes, Aidan Jolly and Marianne Matusz of Collective Encounters, the Liverpool-based centre for excellence in participatory theatre. They discuss the work they did for 2022’s The World Transformed conference that took place in Liverpool.

Friday July 14: A Genuine Inquiry | Episode 29

Hannah Kemp-Welch joins Owen Kelly to discuss the question of the relationship between ham radio and feminism, and why people don’t talk about this more often.

Friday July 21: A Culture of Possibility | Episode 30

Arlene Goldbard and François Matarasso talk about a set of topics that are currently burning a hole in their brains: us vs. them; what cultural democracy means and why some people can’t get it; being a little braver.

Friday July 30: Miaaw at ICAF | Episode 07

Sophie Hope talks to Sruti Bala about her two lectures at ICAF 9 that followed on from her wildly popular talk at the previous ICAF, where she discussed the pitfalls of participation.


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Miaaw Live! Zoom Event No 2: video online soon

The second episode of Miaaw Live! appeared on schedule on Wednesday, June 21, when Arlene Goldbard hosted a well-attended public conversation with Owen Kelly about his new book Cultural Democracy Now: what it means and why we need it.

We will upload the live video of the event to on Friday, July 28.



We received an email from Hannah Kemp-Welsh a month or so ago in relation to the podcast coming on July 14. She wanted to bring to our attention an email that she had received. She said that “I think nothing exemplifies the need for an alternative approach to ham radio better than the latest email I received from my local radio club….

FWD: Coronation Callsign Agreed

Some members may have noticed that up to now we have only referred to ‘the Coronation station’ and not given a callsign. This was because of some maddening Ofcom bureaucracy but common sense or persuasion, I’m not sure which, has finally prevailed and Ofcom have agreed to the callsign which is GB23C.

I strongly suggest that when saying it phonetically you say ‘Charles’ rather than the official ICAO ‘Charlie’!

Anyway now the callsign is at last agreed we have been able to put the project web site live, it is and this should soon be linked from CVRS, RSGB and Old Royal Naval College web sites. Bob will shortly be putting the rota together so if you haven’t yet completed the survey, this is your last chance.

When at GB23C it would be helpful to wear your Cray Valley polo shirt, so that you are easily identifiable to members of the public. It’s not too late to order, please email Martin and give your size.”

Roger Wilco. Over and out.


Ferment Kiosk, in the second district of Vienna, operates as a magazine shop dedicated to independent food publications. Owned by Daniela Wiebogen, who also runs a boutique communications agency for artisan food producers, the shop offers a selection of more than 30 titles from around the world, including Eaten, a periodical dedicated to culinary history, Farta, which explores Portuguese cuisine, and Cherry Bombe, which celebrates successful women across the industry.

Wiebogen says that “I started collecting food magazines while travelling across Europe. I was always a bit sad that there wasn’t a place that brought them all together in Vienna. These food titles delve into culinary subjects with remarkable depth. And they can also transport readers into new cultures from the comfort of their homes.”

And we found out about this courtesy of Monocle Minute


SITRA, the Finnish innovation fund, has a self-declared mission to “collaborate with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future”. Their website has a lot of information for people who have an interest in what a fair data economy might look like.

Somewhat unusually, they do a lot of what we might describe as action research: they *em* as well as think. They have recently launched Sinuna, “a new service that makes it easier to use online services requiring login and protects the privacy of its users. The Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) and Alma Media are the first to introduce the service. The Sinuna service has its roots in Sitra’s fair data economy projects”.

To quote from the press release, Sinuna “replaces passwords and offers a reliable and secure alternative for companies and consumers. What makes Sinuna exceptional is its transparency and commitment to handling personal data in accordance with the law.

Sinuna enables secure single login access to a wide range of content and services without having to use passwords. No personal data is sold or shared with third parties. Only the necessary information is collected on users, who are told how their data is processed and stored.

The new login service also has a wider societal goal of making the use of data a more integral part of corporate social responsibility. Companies can use Sinuna to provide a responsible login option for the customers who use their services. It is a good alternative to, for example, Google and Facebook login solutions”.


The Finnish summer can prove short, but this year it has also proved very hot. Here we see midsummer festivities in the Borgå archipelago.


Wicker Man, anyone?

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