Drama Box in Singapore

Sophie Hope talks to Koh Hui Ling and Han Xuemei.

Episode 06     June 23, 2023
Contributors    Sophie Hope     |   Koh Hui Ling     |   Han Xuemei    

In this episode Sophie Hope talks to Koh Hui Ling and Han Xuemei, co-artistic directors of the socially-engaged theatre company Drama Box in Singapore. “Founded in 1990, by Kok Heng Leun, Drama Box is a socially-engaged theatre company known for creating works that inspire dialogue, reflection and change. By shining a spotlight on marginalised narratives and making space for the communal contemplation of complex issues, it seeks to tell stories that provoke a deeper understanding of Singapore’s culture, history and identity”.

They discuss the nature of the organisation, its different aspects and projects, and their involvement in ICAF. They also reflect on the discussion about theatre of the oppressed during the panels they hosted in Rotterdam, and find out about their current work with young people and residents of a newly developed housing estate.