TEAM in Wales

Arlene Goldbard & François Mattarasso talk with TEAM about A Proper Ordinary Miracle, and other recent projects from National Theatre Wales.

Episode 029     June 16, 2023
Contributors    Anastacia Ackers     |   Natasha Borton     |   Naomi Chiffi     |   Arlene Goldbard     |   François Matarasso    

On Culture of Possibility podcast #29, listen to François Matarasso and Arlene Goldbard interview members of TEAM from National Theatre Wales.

We talk with Natasha Borton, Anastacia Ackers, and Naomi Chiffi about two multi-year community projects: one in Wrexham and one in Pembrokeshire. These unfolded during COVID and engaged many hundreds of community members. One focused on nature and the environment, while the other focused on issues surrounding homelessness.

Both François and Arlene believe we can all learn a lot from the process they describe.