Wikimedians & auto-archiving

Andrew Gryf Paterson talks to Owen Kelly about Pixelache’s involvement with Wikimedia & auto-archiving as a core part of cultural activity.

Episode 028     June 9, 2023
Contributors    Owen Kelly     |   Andrew Gryf Paterson    

In early 2005, Pixelache Festival co-directors Juha Huuskonen & Petri Lievonen invited a representative of the young Wikimedia Foundation — Florence Devouard, from Paris, France — who came to present to Finnish electronic arts and sub-cultural practitioners, producers, and IT enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and media design students, the new WikiWiki way of open knowledge production. For the occasion, Pixelache had a Wikipedia page made in 2005 in Finnish.

Today that page remains there, in one language, and the narrative still stops in 2005.

In 2022 Pixelache began a process of renewing connections in the context of the long-term model of Wikimedians-in-residence that has been developed by the Wikimedia Foundation. The first stage of this concluded in March 2023 with the publication of 3 podcasts.

In this episode Andrew Gryf Paterson talks to Owen Kelly about the history of Pixelache’s involvement with Wikimedia, the idea of auto-archiving, various attempts to address Pixelache’s needs for archiving cultural activity as a core part of the activity itself, and the possibilities he believes lie ahead of us.