Episode 011

The Resurgence of Cultural Democracy









This episode stands as the third in a series.

It follows on from Episode 4 which looked at a kind of pre-history of cultural democracy, and Episode 6 which discussed the relationship between the community art movement in the 1980s and cultural democracy.

In this episode Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly continue their discussion by focusing on the resurgence of interest in ideas of cultural democracy in the 1990s and 2000s, and the relationships between these and previous ideas.

They refer to the Art with People book that Malcolm Dickson edited in 1995, and look at the work of the Scottish Cultural Policy Collective. They discuss work carried out by Kings College and AHRC this century, and the attempt to build a grassroots Movement for Cultural Democracy in the last few years.

Finally they imagine the possibility of writing a history of cultural democracy that does not situate it as an oppositional movement, but sees it as a vision of a possible future.