The Marseilles River Project

Owen Kelly & Charlie Fox discuss working with a non-human entity, the Marseilles River Project, and the work of les Collectif des Gammares.

Episode 05     May 26, 2023
Contributors    Charlie Fox     |   Owen Kelly    

Charlie Fox and ChloƩ Mazzani presented a project that they are currently working on at a session at ICAF that looked at four of the practical outcomes of the Faro Convention. The project springs from concern for the health of the river running through Marseilles, and during their presentation they discussed the idea of the river as a non-human living entity that can heal itself but can never return to a pristine state of grace.

In this episode Owen Kelly talks with Charlie Fox about issues of culture, democracy, and the relationships between people and the non-human that from the perspective of the Marseilles River Project.

They discuss the need for humility and a recognition that we live inside the natural world, as one part of it; as opposed to the hubris often involved in trying to fix desperate situations that we ourselves have caused.