Art in a Democracy

Arlene Goldbard and François Mattarasso talk with Ben Fink and Kate Fowler about Art in A Democracy, from Roadside Theater in Appalachia.

Episode 028     May 19, 2023
Contributors    Ben Fink     |   Kate Fowler     |   Arlene Goldbard     |   François Matarasso    

In Episode 28 of A Culture of Possibility, François Matarasso and Arlene Goldbard talk with Ben Fink and Kate Fowler about the new two-volume publication from Roadside Theater in Appalachia, Art in A Democracy, comprising play scripts and commentary from this stellar community-based theater’s history in Appalachian coal country and beyond, 1975-2000.

We touch on the need for sharing learning, generation-to-generation; the impact of changes in public funding that impose scarcity and competition; the obstacles capitalism places in the path of cultural democracy; and more.