Issue 06 | March 2023

We have reached the first half year of The Miaaw Monthly and issue six sits in front of you happy to inform you about an extra-packed March.

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Today’s podcast, the final one for February, features Sophie Hope and Marc Herbst discussing cultural movements and their crossover with political movements, “post-migrant” studies, precarious research and cultural methods for working with possibly traumatized people, in an episode we call Always Coming Home.


Every Friday a podcast appears at 12:34 UTC. Sometimes we get so eager that they appear an hour or two early to allow for any lag across the internet. Mostly they arrive on time. With that in mind, here are the podcasts that will drop in March 2023.

Friday March 3: Meanwhile on an Abandoned Bookshelf | Episode 17

Owen Kelly looks at the arguments, metaphors, poems and stories laid out by Jason “Propaganda” Petty in his book Terraform: Building a Better World. If you haven’t read it then you probably should.

Friday March 10: Genuine Inquiry | Episode 27

Sophie Hope draws on her recent experience as an NHS patient to explore the histories, economics and significance of the bedpan – “this embarrassing, awkward object” – in acute care settings.

Friday March 17: A Culture of Possibility | Episode 27

This month Arlene Goldbard and François Mattarasso discuss what community-based art can do, given the scale of the challenges communities face.

Friday March 24: Common Practice | Episode 26

Siniša Ilić, Ahilan Ratnamohan, and Stanislav Shuripa, three artists who participated in Topoi 2022 in Antwerp look back at their experiences there and discuss what they learned.

This podcast links into a set of SIX bonus conversations available exclusively on the Miaaw website under the title Tiny Data. These will constitute the first episodes in an ongoing series that we will add to, event by event.

Friday March 31: Friday Number 5 | Episode 8

Every year, when a month has five Fridays we run a bonus episode. The theme of these varies year by year.

This year we celebrate our fifth anniversary on October 18 and so this year’s Friday Number 5 will look back at some of the buried treasure languishing in our archives.

We start this month with a repeat of our very first episode which looked at the then-recent report by 64 Million Artists, and the responses it drew; which in turn led Owen Kelly and Sophie Hope to wonder what they thought they were up to.


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And remember: from March 24 you can access the first six conversations in the Tiny Data series from the website. Please check them out.


Miaaw Live! Inaugural Zoom Event: video and audio!

In the Camp of Angels of Freedom: What Does It Mean to Be Educated?

Join us for a live conversation about Arlene Goldbard’s new book, featuring Arlene, Owen Kelly, Sophie Hope, and you! You can register here!

The book is part memoir, part visual art, part essay, about how we discover who we are and who helps us become ourselves. Arlene’s story touches on cultural democracy, cultural policy, self-education, community arts, economic justice, higher ed, and much more. Read more about it here.

Register and you’ll receive a discount code for 25% off the cover price of the book.

This is the first edition of Miaaw Live! We hope to bring you regular live-streamed conversations to augment the podcasts you can already find on and everywhere podcasts grow.



Solein “hails from the hearts and minds of Solar Foods: a Finnish company dedicated to liberating protein production from what it is now”.

“Solar Farm claim Solein is the world’s most sustainable protein.

It’s made by cultivating an ancient bacteria fed on CO2 from the air – plus hydrogen bubbles produced using water electrolysis – in a process similar to fermentation.

These microorganisms make amino acids, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. Come harvest time, excess water is removed and they’re dried into a protein-rich powder.

Solar Farm says the process is even more efficient than photosynthesis, and requires a fraction of the land and water required to feed livestock or grow crops. It can be made into a meat and dairy alternative, or used in snacks and drinks as a fortifying protein additive.

For now Solein is only approved for sale in Singapore, but Solar Farm is currently seeking authorisation in the UK, Europe and the US.”

We learned all this (and a lot more) from the Positive News newsletter.


The Garden Museum in south London has an exhibition that ends on March 5: Plant Portraits by Lucien Freud. You can find out more at their website.

We found this in the Caught By The River newsletter.


This month’s Meanwhile on an Abandoned Bookshelf looks at this book:

You should check it out!

On 27 February 2023, at the the Liceu Opera House, Traction launched a new website about co-creating opera at

Hidden in the depths of the website you will find an interesting and useful book called Co-creating Opera: Guidance from the Traction project which you can download free from the link in this sentence.


Arlene is busy this month!


REGISTER NOW AS SPACE IS LIMITED. Each participant will receive a discount code for 25% off the book’s cover price, plus materials needed for the workshop.
“Encountering Your Angels” opens a line of fearless inquiry into the true sources of your character, knowledge, skill, and wisdom. Who inspired you? Who catalyzed a turning point? Whom do you wish to honor?
Using writing prompts, drawing (if you wish), and group dialogue, you’ll work with one individual, then come away with a clear, simple process for identifying, honoring, and learning from all of those who’ve helped make your path.

Register on Eventbrite.

“What Does It Mean to be Educated?”: Through readings, writing exercises, and provocative discussions, this workshop will help you discover your own truest answers to a question that badly needs to be asked—and then to make your own path to knowledge and wisdom by walking it.

Register on Eventbrite.

Arlene adds, “Would you like to offer a workshop tailored to your organization or community? I’d be glad to design one with you. Contact me at“.

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