ICAF Ahoy!

François Matarasso & Arlene Goldbard talk to Jasmina Ibrahimovic about Rotterdams Wijktheater & the International Community Arts Festival.

Episode 025     January 20, 2023
Contributors    Arlene Goldbard     |   Jasmina Ibrahimovic     |   François Matarasso    

François Matarasso and Arlene Goldbard talk with Jasmina Ibrahimovic, director of the Rotterdams Wijktheater and the International Community Arts Festival that it hosts.

Jasmina is also a dynamic force of nature who has amazing stories to tell about her journey from the former Yugoslavia to a refugee camp in the Netherlands, remarkably powerful community-based work, and much more. The festival will happen in March/April for the first time post-pandemic. Join us to learn all about it.

Moreover, we have plans to attend ICAF and (among other things) record a series of podcasts that we will broadcast almost live during the period of the festival. Stand by for news of this in the next two Miaaw Monthly newsletters.