What Can We Learn from Micro-nations?

Owen Kelly & Tomas Träskman discuss micronations as experiments in living, as performance art, and as political activism.

Episode 025     January 13, 2023
Contributors    Owen Kelly     |   Tomas Träskman    

Owen Kelly and Tomas Träskman conclude a mini-series about cultural experiments in ways of living with a discussion about micro-nations. They look at a variety of micro-nations that range from quirky hobbies and artistic performances to political activism and on to something less easily definable.

They discuss numerous examples including Sealand, which has existed for over fifty years, and Christiania, which had numerous cultural and political effects in the wider world. They also introduce many less well-known examples as well as providing links to literature on micro-nations, including the book by Erwin S. Strauss that many believe kick-started the whole movement.