About Miaaw

Since 2018 we’ve been publishing podcasts about cultural democracy and community art—sharing experiences, ideas and possibilities, to inspire like-minded people. We’ve grown from monthly to fortnightly and now weekly podcasts, but each strand has its own distinct character.

On the 1st Friday, Meanwhile on an Abandoned Bookshelf looks at the continuing relevance of old writings.

On the 2nd Friday, Arlene Goldbard and François Matarasso host A Culture of Possibility, where they interview artists and cultural activists from Europe and America about their work and the ideas that link it.

On the 3rd Friday, Owen Kelly or Sophie Hope make a Genuine Inquiry into a contemporary issue, and asks how it relates to ideas of cultural democracy.

On the 4th Friday, on Common Practice, artists, activists, and academics explain their work and its practical implications.

And once in a while, we get Friday Number Five, where the podcast becomes its own artwork, and has ranged from music shows to historical radio programs, from African bands to WC Fields.