Episode 019

Home and Away









Owen Kelly

Arlene Tucker



August 26, 2022


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On her website, Arlene Tucker explains her practice like this: “As an artist, diversity agent and educator, I add play elements and awareness to daily life through my art and interactions. Inspired by translation studies, animals and nature, I find ways to connect and make meaning in our shared environments. My artistic work is often process-based and it creates spaces and situations for exchange, dialogue, and transformations to occur and surprise all players. I am interested in creating projects that open up ideas and that engage the viewer; that invite the viewer to be a part of the narrative or art creation process. In translation, your participation continues to propel the story.”

In this episode she talks with Owen Kelly about her life, her training in Georgia, her work, and her decision to turn her house into a project where people can stay, play and work.