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A Topos at wpZimmer

Owen Kelly talks to Helga Baert and Dušica Dražić, 2 members of the wpZimmer collective in Antwerp, about wpZimmer & the project Topoi 2022.

Episode 017     June 24, 2022
Contributors    Helga Baert     |   Dušica Dražić     |   Owen Kelly    

According to their website, the Antwerp-based group “wpZimmer is an international workspace for the arts, with a focus on performance, dance and hybrid artistic practices. The organisation revolves around the needs of the artists, their desire to research or create and the development of their skills and practices”.

They “believe that shared governance addresses the systemic questions dominating our society. It’s looking for a new sustainable way to be together and to become inclusive. It’s an act of listening and sensing, rather than a process of claiming. We’re not there yet. It’s evolving and unfinished by nature… Rethinking the way we live and work together is a collective practice, shared between artists, institutions and others. We gather around the question what can we do together that we can not do alone? Can the power of collective action move mountains?”

In this episode Owen Kelly talks to two members of the collective, Helga Baert and Dušica Dražić, about wpZimmer and the project Topoi 2022, which they have both co-curated and runs throughout June.