Episode 012

Year One: A Reflection









Arlene Goldbard

François Matarasso



December 17, 2021


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In the 12th episode of A Culture of Possibility, co-host François Matarasso returns to talk with Arlene Goldbard about the first year of the podcast.

They explore the strength of community-based arts work as reflected in the range of guests, stressing alignment around core values, the importance of emergence and allowing time for the work to unfold—and the obstacles presented by funding bodies and policymakers. It’s a wide-ranging conversation. As Francois says, our guests have been “very different people who work in very different situations and with different ways, but they all have an openness to the world and to each other and to other people. And that I think is a really valuable thing to hold on to at the moment.”

We hope you enjoy it. We also hope you’ll let us know what ideas and experiences you’d like us to feature on the podcast in 2022.






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