Episode 002

Digital innovations in community radio









Jo Coleman

Sophie Hope



December 3, 2021


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Jo Coleman currently works as a lecturer in Media and Public Relations at Brunel University. She has previously has worked as associate tutor in Film, Media and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck College, London. She conducts practice-based research into programming practices in local community radio.

Her received her first degree (in Geography) from Cambridge University and began her professional career in radio in the late 1980’s as marketing and public relations executive for the Chiltern Radio network, and later with Jazz FM in London.

Having trained and volunteered in production and presenting at a public access/community cable television and radio station in Northern Virginia, Jo continues to volunteer in community media in the UK, and as a member of the Community Media Association.

“Digital Innovations and the Production of Local Content in Community Radio: Changing Practices in the UK” offers an overview of the new technologies, media forms, and platforms in radio production, shedding light on how digitalization is impacting the routines and experiences of a predominantly volunteer-based workforce.

Jo Coleman argues that despite the benefits of digital media, traditional aspects of programme production remain of vital importance to the interpersonal relationships and values of community radio. In this episode she talks with Sophie Hope about all of this and more.