Episode 011

Play that fungi music!









Owen Kelly

Agnieszka Pokrywka

Tosca Terán



November 26, 2021


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In the first episode of Common Practice we talked with Agnieszka Pokrywka about her long-standing interest in fermentation and her creation of Ferment Radio which looks at the many feminist and queer theories of fermentation and their political and social implications.

Ferment Radio has now celebrated its first anniversary with an episode in which Tosca Terán discusses her collaborative work with mushrooms with results in some very fungi music.

Tosca Terán works as an interdisciplinary, ecofeminist, human holobiont whose work is located somewhere between art, ecology, and craft. As part of the duo Nanotopia, she takes biodata from non-human organisms as mushroom’s mycelium and translates it into music.

In this episode Owen Kelly introduces the episode and then discusses Ferment Radio’s purpose and future with Agnieszka Pokrywka.

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