How might we think about ethics and Artificial Intelligence?

Owen Kelly outlines Mike Ananny’s concept of networked information algorithms, & reflects on both the ideas behind it and their utility.

Episode 011     November 12, 2021
Contributors    Owen Kelly    

Owen Kelly participated in an online seminar recently with Mike Ananny, an associate professor of communication and journalism at USC Annenberg, where he “studies how technologies and cultures of media production have the power to shape public life”.

In the seminar Mike Ananny talked about ethics in an age of artificial intelligence and afterwards Owen went back and looked at a 2016 paper of Ananny’s: “Toward an Ethics of Algorithms: Convening, Observation, Probability, and Timeliness” which Sage published in a journal called “Science, Technology & Human Values”.

This paper proposes the concept of NIAs, or networked information algorithms, and in this episode Owen Kelly outlines this and other key ideas from the paper and offers critical reflections on both the ideas and their utility.