Common Practice 008

{openradio} calling!









Owen Kelly

Sophea Lerner

Kaustubh Srikanth



August 27, 2021


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{openradio} describe themselves as “a platform to support independently produced open-content audio streams and provide listeners with a way to find this content”.

The team consists of Kaustubh Srikanth, who created India’s first independent online radio station, Infinity Radio, dedicated to discovering and sharing fresh music and promoting open content, and Sophea Lerner who directed Finland’s first open-content FM & online station and has championed open-content awareness in the public broadcast sector in Australia.

Outside {openradio} Kaustabh acts as an open-source technologist specialising in digital security for human rights defenders. Sophea works freelance as a creative producer, researcher and audio technologist who loves open-content, DIY broadcast operations and community tech.

In this episode Owen Kelly talks to them about how {openradio} began, what it does, and what ambitions they have for it. For serendipitous technical reasons this episode has the sound and feel of a live-streamed global broadcast from the days of Telstar.