Episode 008

Bill Ming: We are coming in the front door tonight, people!









Arlene Goldbard

Francois Matarasso

Bill Ming



August 20, 2021


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In the eighth episode of A Culture of Possibility, Arlene Goldbard and François Matarasso talk with Bermudian artist Bill Ming in his studio in Nottinghamshire, England.

Bill’s work in sculpture, assemblage, painting, and collage draws on the whole of personal and collective history, from the racism he faced growing up in segregated schools to his reponse to the death of George Floyd, from childhood toys to the blues to the Middle Passage. He’s worked in schools and communities, his work has been exhibited in major museums, and his public art can be seen in several countries.

Bill talks about how all of this fits together, each practice informing the others, and his long journey in making art out of the materials that come to hand.