Episode 049

Noises from the Commons









Owen Kelly



August 14, 2020


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In Episode 40 we looked at a variety of pop, rock and folk music licensed through a creative commons licence, or made freely available.

In this episode we look at four other, quite different, musics made available in this way.

Karine Gilanyan plays the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata number 15 in D Major. Jahzzar plays the self-composed Fibonacci from his album kontra-punkte. Bob Ostertag performs Arms and Legs. Julie Licata presents her work resound.

Together these illustrate the wide variety of people who choose to present their music and sounds to the world using Creative Commons licences. All the artists chosen stand as an illustration of the fact that many talented, well known, and well respected artists have chosen, for their own reasons, to use this method to present some or all of their work.

Each of these represents a gift to the world. If you look in the references on the website you will find links to both the artists and the specific musical pieces in this episode.

We should also point out that Bob Ostertag has also just published a Home Yoga Companion book that you can download free from his website.