Episode 048

Art : Process : Change









In this episode Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly talk with Loraine Leeson about her work, and begin by discussing her latest book: Art : Process : Change, which Routledge published in September 2019. They have recently published a paperback edition.

Loraine discusses her work from the 1970s onwards, including her work with Peter Dunn in the 1980s in London Docklands, and her subsequent work online and with a wider variety of face to face groups. She talks in particular about the twelve year Active Energy project she worked on with The Geezers, and the organic ways in which it grew.

As well as her own work, she talks about her experiences in administering and lobbying for funding, and her current role with a reinvigorated Arts for Labour.

The sound of door chimes half way through the conversation signal the arrival of a man to fix the washing machine. Task completed, he left more quietly than he arrived.