Jake Harries

Jake Harries is a media artist and composer whose work explores ideas of openness in skills/knowledge sharing and how technology might help facilitate this. Since 2007 he has been curating and developing the digital and participatory arts programme at Access Space, where he is currently Director of Art & Innovation.

He has an independent practice with film maker Monika Dutta, A little piece of land, focusing on sustainable alternatives to current models of relating to the environment, including food growing and resource consumption. Jake has been involved with creative practice and music in Sheffield since the 1980s.

He was a member of industrial/electronic band Chakk, and a partner in the influential FON Studios (Cabaret Voltaire, 808 State, artists from Warp Records and many others recorded there). Chakk was an early adopter of digital music technology owning one of the first samplers in South Yorkshire.

In the 1990s and 2000s he was one of the “freestyle techno” trio Heights of Abraham