Episode 042

A day on the commons









Sophie Hope

Owen Kelly



May 8, 2020


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In the previous two episodes Owen Kelly looked at cultural commons from a geographical and then an historical perspective. He attempted to demonstrate the breadth of contemporary musics available under a creative commons banner, as well as the richness of the cultural productions from previous eras made available to us through falling out of copyright.

In this episode he joins Sophie Hope for a detailed examination of the commons, and its possible relationship to ideas of cultural democracy.

They base their discussion on a reading of Guy Standing’s book Plunder of the Commons, which locates the beginning of the commons in the signing of the Charter of the Forest on November 6, 1217. They examine Standing’s arguments and the manifesto he proposes for re-establishing the idea of commons in 21st century society.

They also borrow ideas from David Bollier’s book Think Like a Commoner as they examine how all this intertwines with ideas of cultural democracy.