Episode 040

Radio Miaaw – the sounds of the commons









Owen Kelly



April 9, 2020


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In the previous episode Owen Kelly and Stacco Troncoso discussed a number of topics including the ideas behind the creative commons movement. In this episode Owen looks at the range of musics currently available under a creative commons licence.

He looks at some artist-released music as well as songs available through the Free Music Archive, Jamendo and Tribe of Noise. We pass through a varied landscape that includes modern pop, country, Indian jazz, folk and North African music. There is more to this than meets the ear.

We listen to:

  1. David Rovics – Viral Solidarity
  2. Samie Bower – That’s What They All Say
  3. Kat Penkin – Fuck Fast
  4. Seth Power – Get Up
  5. Solsar – Million Air
  6. Jon Worthy and the Bends – This Ain’t The Way
  7. Radha Thomas – Load Shedding
  8. Shoemansky – The Spirit
  9. Starmob – Wish in the Wind
  10. David Rovics – When This Pandemic Is Over
  11. …mmm – Sparkly Eyes
  12. Lessazo – Je ne sais plus

Mmm indeed!