Episode 033

Slush in late November









Sophie Hope

Owen Kelly



January 3, 2020


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In late November Owen Kelly spent two days at Slush, the annual technology event in Helsinki, aimed primarily at startups and young entrepreneurs. He noticed that the atmosphere had changed noticeably this year, and that the culture which has developed around startups appears to have discovered social responsibility.

Much of the conversation at the event not only acknowledged, but positively embraced, the need for zero waste and the benefits of a circular economy.

In this episode he discusses a few of his experiences at Slush with Sophie Hope, whose scepticism about these kinds of things knows no bounds.

He outlines Oatly’s view of the world, as described by John Schoolcraft in his presentation. He also talks about Dax Dasilva, who spoke at length about his personal journey as CEO of Lightspeed and founder of the Never Apart centre in Montreal. He also gave out copies of his book Age of Union.

Sophie’s scepticism remains almost completely intact.