Sofia Bustamante






Sofia Bustamante, MEng, FRSA, works as a social process designer. She has nearly 3 decades of work in conflict mediation, facilitation and community building.

She currently focuses on applying the design patterns of nature in distributed contexts to develop a pattern language for conflict resolution. She draws on diverse influences from biomimicry to The Art of Hosting practices to the martial art of Aikido.

Sofia received London Leader Status from the Mayors office in 2010 for her participative community design work, for which she also won the Ogunte Women’s Social Leadership Award People’s vote in 2013. Her social innovations seek to bridge divides, enable individuals and communities to better work together, increase their sense of agency and unleash their inner and collective creativity.

She participates as a fellow of the RSA and an associate of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.