Episode 032

Graceful Power: aikido & conflict resolution









Sofia Bustamante

Owen Kelly



December 20, 2019


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Sofia Bustamante and Owen Kelly first met at the Social Tools conference in Helsinki in August 2019. Sofia led a workshop on conflict resolution that became one of the starting points for the second year of Social Tools training sessions that will run until summer 2020.

Sofia has a black belt in Aikido and bases her many of her workshop exercises and techniques on insights she has gained from this. She grounds her practice in an approach based on living systems, peacework, martial arts, neuroscience and work in therapeutic fields.

In this episode she talks about what she actually does when people ask her to assist in conflict resolution. She explains how she came to do this in the first place, and discusses how she sees its role in relationship to more conventional kinds of activism.

Her current work involves developing a systematic Conflict Resolution Pattern Language. In this episode we talk about the relationships between this, traditional fears of naming, and General Semantics.