Episode 022

Live from the Raymond Williams Society Annual Conference









On April 26 and 27 the Raymond Williams Society held its annual conference at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester. The conference addressed the topic: Cultural Production and the Redundancy of Work: precarity, automation and critique. The Movement for Cultural Democracy organised a panel at the conference and Sophie Hope, Nick Mahony and Stephen Pritchard spoke at it.

In this episode Sophie Hope explains to Owen Kelly about the conference and the panel she played a part in, and we listen to live recordings of Nick and Stephen’s presentations.

Nick Mahony’s presentation, “Realising Cultural Democracy”, provides a historical background for the growth of the Movement for Cultural Democracy. He draws a link between the writing of Raymond Williams in The Long Revolution and the birth of this current manifestation of a movement for cultural democracy that began at The World Transformed in Liverpool, in September 2017.

Stephen Pritchard reflects on his childhood in Jarrow in a performance style lecture that uses video and archival sound recordings as part of the presentation. The presentation, “Home Is Where We Start From”, has a poetic air that weaves in critiques of the way working class culture has been deliberately co-opted or dismantled; and the ways in which gentrification and art-washing continue to attempt to do this.