Episode 020

The Story So Far…









Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly use the twentieth episode of Meanwhile In An Abandoned Warehouse to look back at what has and hasn’t happened in the discussions so far. They pick a number of ideas that have stuck in their minds, and discuss where they might go next.

They talk about the nature of the podcast itself, and about what purposes they think it might serve. They raise the question of audience numbers: does it matter how big they are? Would they prefer to grow the size of the audience or to try to turn their (currently small) audience into a community?

They look at the idea of cultural democracy as a human right, something that has been mentioned or alluded to in a number of the discussions so far. They wonder about whether the format they have developed makes looking at historical topics, such as Guild Socialism, difficult to do in any depth, and ask whether a discussion group running alongside the podcast might do this better.

Finally they raise the issue of anger as a social force, and the complex relationship between proposing a better world and opposing current injustice.