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Alternative School of Economics

Sophie Hope reports live from a meeting to acknowledge and celebrate the twelve years’ work of the Alternative School of Economics.

Episode 035     May 24, 2024
Contributors    Ruth Beale     |   Amy Feneck     |   Sophie Hope    

The Alternative School of Economics was founded in 2012 by artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck. We make art that questions economic doctrine and knowledge hierarchies.

It is both an artwork and a way of working; it links artist practice with self-education as a way to study economics. Working and collaborating with communities, we explore global political issues in relation to the complexity of lived experience.

This episode of Common Practice is a live recording of an event in which Sophie Hope hosts a conversation with Amy Feneck and Ruth Beale. Together they reflect on 12 years of collaborative practice, spanning art, politics and the ongoing need to talk about economics.

The conversation that forms the heart of this episode was recorded at an event organised by the Alternative School of Economics on 9 March 2023 at Gasworks, in London, England.