Friday No 5 PRESENTS
Podcasting – Ferment Radio

This year, if a month has five Fridays, we will find another podcast that excites us and spread the word. This month we look at episode 40 of Ferment Radio.

Episode 012     March 29, 2024
Contributors    Owen Kelly     |   Agnieszka Pokrywka     |   David Zilber    

Every year some months have five Fridays, and every time this happens we find something to do there: something out of our normal schedule. We try to adopt an annual theme. In 2021 we played music licensed under creative commons licences; in 2022 we found four old radio shows; and in 2023 we looked back to four early episodes of Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse.

This year whenever we stumble into the fifth Friday of a month we will look around us and find a podcast that interests us: one published under a Creative Commons licence that relates in one way or another to our areas of interest.

Where better to start than with a podcast produced by a friend of ours with whom we have already talked? We talked with Agnieszka Pokrywka twice in 2021 about Ferment Radio. Since then she had produced 41 episodes, and the podcast has become one of the projects produced by Super Eclectic, a “a multimedia production house for the world we want” that she has founded with Humberto Duque.

Today we listen to Episode 40, Show me your kitchen, and I will tell you who you are with David Zilber, chef, fermenter, food scientist, and author of The Noma Guide to Fermentation.