Listening From Before There is a Project

Edwin Mingard explores social change through moving image. Here he talks about the need to turn off ‘broadcast mode’.

Episode 02     December 8, 2023
Contributors    Hannah Kemp-Welch     |   Edwin Mingard    

In his own words, Edwin Mingard works as “a socially-engaged visual artist. I work principally with moving image, making standalone artists’ film and installations. My work often plays with mainstream and accessible forms – documentary, music video, magazine – so as to move beyond a traditional gallery audience.

“I am interested in who makes moving image work, how, why, and for whom. I often produce work within a discrete community or interest group, making work with a personal connection to my collaborators and broader social relevance. I want to celebrate and make visible the joy of the making process itself and explore its value for individual and collective growth and change. I develop processes to enable diverse groups of people to make work together. This focus is mirrored in the subject matter of my work, which deals with themes around our social environment and relationships with one another”.

In this episode, Edwin Mingard talks to Hannah Kemp-Welch about the need to turn off ‘broadcast mode’. Edwin brings diverse groups of people together to explore social change through moving image. He shares his learning from a long term project with young people in Stoke who were either homeless or recently experienced it, collaborating on a beautiful film called ‘An Intermission’ (2020).