The Contributors




Sophie Hope

Sophie Hope is a lecturer and practice-based researcher at Birkbeck, University of London in the Film, Media and Cultural Studies Department.


Owen Kelly

Owen Kelly grew up in Birkenhead, worked in Brixton, and now lives in Helsinki. He currently works as principal lecturer in online media at Arcada, a university of applied science in Helsinki.


Abhijit Sinha

Abhijit is a social innovator, and the founder of Project DEFY.


Megha Sharma Bhagat

Megha Bhagat is a social innovator with a legal background. She has worked on designing strategies for livelihood creations, job creations through alternate learnings and is responsible for DEFY’s growth strategy, viability plans and partnerships.


Arlene Goldbard

Arlene Goldbard is a writer, speaker, social activist, and consultant who works for justice, compassion and honor in every sphere, from the interpersonal to the transnational. She is known for her provocative, independent voice and her ability to inspire and activate. Arlene’s essays have appeared in such journals as Art in America, The Independent, Theatre, […]


Jonathan Gross

Jonathan Gross is a researcher and teacher in the department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King's College London. He has previously worked at the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield.


Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard is a researcher, community artist, art historian, academic, writer, activist and filmmaker. Proudly working-class and a socialist, he is fervently opposed to (but also a part of) the neoliberal institutionalisation of the arts.


François Matarasso

On his website François explains that “My work in community and participatory art stands on the belief that everyone has the right to create art and to share the result, as well as to enjoy and participate what others do. Shaping your own cultural identity – and having it recognised by others – is central to human dignity and growth. If people can’t represent themselves culturally how can they do so in any other way, including politically?"